Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Amazing gRACE

I helped coordinate a smaller version of the Amazing Race this past weekend with Bridge, the young adult group I am a part of at Grace Baptist Church. We called it the Amazing gRACE. It had many of the same tasks, challenges and ideas as the show, but we added, changed and edited a bit. It took about 3 hours and you only needed a car for transportation, but you did have to fly a plane! Tracy, Ben, Allison and Damon joined me for the fun! I knew the clues and answers so I didn't get to participate with them, but it was fun, exciting, nerve racking and competitive all at the same time!

Some of the clues and tasks included:
Building an airplane and flying it for 20 seconds

Finding fairy wings.

Playing duck duck goose at the mall, with extra points if you got a stranger to play!

Complimenting and getting a group picture with a mall cop (which was foiled when said mall cops couldn't actually have their picture taken).

Finding a Bridge member hidden inside a HUGE furniture store.

Taking group pictures at various locations and finding locations with clues like 'one step from Heaven' and then 'off to the Cross' . Tracy and Allison's team won, beating Ben's team, even though they got back at the same time! The girls answered more of the extra questions!

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