Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Girls got to do what a Girls got to do! Part 2

For 1 week I am trading in my normal routine for something a little different!

Playing race cars for plane rides
Bulky sweaters for bathing suits
School books for sun bathing
Blog world for blue waters
Nannying for naptime(s)
Four wheels for a four wheeler (ATV/Jeep)
Training walks for the Breast Cancer 3Day for tours/walks on the beach (Caribbean) for 7Days
Laundry for lounging
Double stroller for Dutch snorkeling
Chocolate milk for Cosmos/Margaritas
Snugging with one of my babies for spending time with one of my Besties!
And last, but certainly not least,
Facebook/texting for face time!
Alright alright its a lot different, but whose keeping score?! I'm going to Aruba. On this break from my normal routine I will relax a little, play a lot and spend quality time with my great friend Jaimee! While I am sooo very excited to go on this adventure, I also realize and appreciate how very blessed I am to have ALL these things to trade for a week, but come back to after.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this wonderful adventure I have been afforded! This trip is not only 7 days off from work, or 7 days in a sunny warm place to tan my pale body, but 7 WHOLE DAYS with a great friend! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I realize, especially in these hard economic times, there are others who long for just 7 days of work. I know that each thing I am trading in is more than some people have to begin with. Please grant us traveling mercies and protect us on this adventure. Please send someone sweet and capable to care for Matthew and Aliya while I am away and help me be sweet and fully capable for when I return to them.
In Jesus Name,

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coreytimes said...

Love you Tarsh! Have a great honeymoon! :) Thanks for the birthday SUSHI!!!! It was fabulous!

Have a great adventure!