Friday, April 17, 2009

Biking 101 with Beauty and the Boy

On training wheels:
Matthew (Boy): "I don't need them because Connor (cousin-age 8) doesn't use them."
Aliya (Beauty): "I don't need training wheels because I trained last year."
(Note: Regardless of a cousin needing them or not and said training last year, both have and need training wheels, I just don't mention them!)

On bike choice:
M: Red Lightening McQueen Race car look-a-like
A: Blue Puppy Love brand with blue/white/silver tassels hanging from the handle bars and a bell, of course

On ant hills:
M: Must get off bike and walk it until a completely (as in no sign of an incline/decline) flat part
A: Must go as fast as you can, not a big deal if you fall off

On falling off:
M: Must immediately start crying your eyes out and looking for battle scars
A: Must immediately get up, straighten tassels on handle bars and get back on

On helmets:
M: Must match bicycle
A: Must match bicycle

On bicycle clothing/gear:
M: Would wear elbow, knee and wrist guards if he had them
A: Would wear a dress (and probably heels) if asked to

On distance from Tarsha:
M: Would prefer leading, but following behind and braking OFTEN works
A: Leading the pack while singing your heart out is preferred

This is what I have learned from taking the bikes to the Rail Trail for three days and biking 9 miles. Who would have thought that this is the way it would go with the Boy and the Beauty?! I'll leave you with the site I see as we come within 200 feet of approach anything that resembles inclines/declines.

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