Friday, April 17, 2009

Pizza + Patio = Picnic

Who says you need a special basket filled with delectable dishes for a picnic? We got pizza, went out on the patio and had ourselves a picnic! Today was sunny and 70 degrees here in MA! It was Aliya's idea for the picnic and she narrated the directions for what we needed. She was very helpful and got most of it. :) Matthew just wanted to be outside and take his shoes off!
Tonight we had a movie night, play date, and slumber party all wrapped up in one. I had the children tonight while Peter and Annie went to the Red Sox game. We had Robbie over (the neighbor boy who Aliya plans on marrying) watched Velveteen Rabbit, and then I let them both fall asleep in my bed. They argued about the middle, so I declared it! And I'm not sure they quite understood they were only falling asleep in my bed, not spending the whole night. But you can bet once I was sure they were asleep, I scooped their limp little bodies up and placed them gently in their own beds. Not that I minded their excitement about the slumber party, but I had an elbow in my rib cage, sweaty legs kicking me, and NO room. Matthew told me twice he didn't have enough room, that I needed to push over and move my computer. Remember, I was in the middle and he had six inches on the other side of him, he just wanted to be thisclose to me! :)
Tomorrow is Aliya's birthday brunch at American Girl in Natick. Then Allison and Damon are coming down from Maine, Tracy and Ben are coming from Beverly and we are all going to the Amazing gRACE event I helped plan with my small group. It should be a grand time!

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