Monday, April 13, 2009

"I haven't been to that place."

That place he is referring to is Weight Watchers, which he saw on a commercial today. I was watching Oprah because Matt, whose blog I follow, was on the show about unforgettable and unconventional dads.
Anyway, Matthew was curled up in my lap. The yummy food they were showing must have caught his eye, and he felt the need to inform me that he hadn't ever been to that place. I giggled and explained that little boys don't go that place. It is a meeting place for adults who need help eating the right foods. So no, I am not surprised that he hadn't been there.

After all, what does a 4.5 year old boy need weight watchers for? The only points he should be counting are hoops, home runs and touchdowns!

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Christine said...

Kids say the cutest things. What an awesome thing about the breast cancer marathon!