Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I was gonna save these for Wordless Wednesday...

But a VERY funny story now accompanies the photos. And, well, the story requires words!
So I have been planning a trash the dress/try out the new camera with my photographer brother-in-law Ben for sometime now. The Saturday before I left for Aruba (more to come on that adventure soon) it all came together and we had a photo shoot. We went to a consignment shop and bought the white dress for $30 and the veil for $10. Before we went home to put some make-up on me and style my hair, we stopped at Shop'n'Stop for $6 flowers. We then headed to the beach, playground, train tracks, church, and a candy store. Let me tell you the ways as a bride, yes a make believe marrying myself bride, can get hit on! I got beeped at, whistled at, told I was beautiful, complimented on my stained/snagged wedding dress and $6 bouquet and proposed to! Who knew? It was so much fun, I mean what girl doesn't like getting all dressed up sassy and going places?! We celebrated Tracy and Ben's birthday with a marvelous sushi dinner (the reception) and I left for Aruba (my honeymoon) early the following morning. You'll see where I am going with this momentarily.
On Friday morning, almost a week after the photo shoot and I headed to Aruba, my Dad walks into the country store in my little small hometown in Maine. He sees an old acquaintance who starts raving about what a beautiful bride I made. Confused, my dad asks what he means, and said acquaintance takes out his cell phone, (signs onto Facebook) and shows my Dad eight photos with me in full bridal gear! My dad is dumbfounded to say the least. Keep in mind that I am his last single daughter and he knows I am in Aruba. All kinds of things are running through his mind now. Why wasn't I invited? Is she on her honeymoon? She said she was going with friends. Who did she marry?
Poor guy! He didn't mention to anyone all day while he stressed and tried to make sense of it. Neither one of my parents are technologically savvy, and especially not my Dad! When I was studying abroad in England during undergrad, he attempted Instant Messaging me, and this is what it looked like - hitarshahowareyouimissyouhopeyouarehavingagoodtime, which took him over a minute to type. But I digress. While the photos were enough to cause a small panic attack, he did remember seeing Corey Pro on the photos. He decided with four other daughters who always spill the beans, it simply couldn't be true. He called Tracy and giggling he said to her "I just went by some train tracks where my daughter got married." When Tracy was confused, he explained his story of seeing his last daughter married off in pictures and the toll it took on him!
So that's the story of my wedding and honeymoon, I mean my photo shoot and 10 year friendship anniversary vacation with Jaimee! But to my Dad an outsider who only sees a few photos, its a whole different story!

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