Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Happy Island ~ Aruba 2009

Here is a photo essay of my trip to Aruba! We snorkeled
Went on a rope swing, once by myself and twice with Juan Carlos, the acrobatic Jolly Pirate.

Got some angel wings temporarily tattooed onto my back.

Went on a Jolly Pirate Ship (which included all you can drink Pirate Poison, swimming snorkeling, and sailing!)

Went 4-wheeling around the whole island sightseeing (looking like the unabomber to protect my skin from the sun)

Got a lovely massage

Convinced Jaimee she could parasail and signed her up!

Saw some beautiful sites

Made some great new friends, (L to R Silvia, Jaimee, me, Cheryl, and Joann)

Sipped some yummy fruity drinks

Swam, sunbathed and lounged around A LOT!

We enjoyed happy hour(s), shopped, relaxed, chatted, and ate like it was our job! We saw a couple shows on the beach with dancer dressed in boas and feathers and shaking their bodies like I have never seen before. We also saw a cool water light show set to music one night. Jaimee and I went to see Obsessed Saturday to curb our sadness about leaving the next day. I know, I know, who goes to the movies in Aruba right?! Well we did and it was a good movie.

There was great food, great friends, and great times in Aruba last week! It is indeed One Happy Island!

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