Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Have you ever been so giddy?!

About a toilet? And a composting toilet at that? Well I made my first big purchase today for my tiny house. I got a GREAT deal on this Biolet 30 Non Electric Waterless Toilet, and I am some giddy about it! This is all I'll need when I install it!

My Dad, (AKA my biggest fan) is on the next big purchase task, an 18x8 flatbed utility trailer. I'm designing, researching, redesigning, and researching more for all the aspects of my tiny house. It is amazing what excitement it is bringing me, especially this toilet! :) I might have already ordered some pieces from LTD, and I certainly will be purchasing some IKEA products in the near future. I've got The Maine Building Exchange on my list for supplies, The Green Cocoon for soybean insulation, Solar Home for my solar energy, and Uncle Henry's, Craigslist, and Freecycle for various things that will come up. If you have any ideas for my tiny house, please send them my way :)

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