Sunday, October 4, 2009

Welcome Home!

A tiny house just like this one (144 sq ft, on a 8x18 flatbed trailer) will be my home by next fall! I have decided to build this tiny structure with the help of family and friends, recycled and green products, and LOTS of enthusiasm! It will consist of solar power, a composting toilet and a loft for my 'bedroom'.

I have received lots of questions from family and friends so far and I am open to more. But first, here are some FAQs I can answer up front.
  • I am aware 144sq ft isn't much space and I am okay with that. It is a goal of mine to live minimalistic and with the least carbon footprint. I will make this work.
  • I'm not sure where 'Tarsha's newest Treasure Chest' and I will be stationed, but the good thing about that - the world is my oyster and we can go anywhere! :)
  • I am aware that I can go to my local RV dealer, Craigslist, Uncle Henry's, etc and find myself a RV or camper. Part of the excitement and goal of this project is to build my house with family and friends like people use to do, and know everything that goes into it. I am planning, researching, and designing, and it is bringing me great joy. Basically, this is about the journey, as much as the destination!
  • I am selling some of my Longaberger baskets to help raise funds. Let's face it, they won't all fit in it and it has potential to fund a few things I have planned for my tiny house. :)
  • It will have a shower, toilet, running water, sofa bed for (2)guests, fridge, table, storage and be a very welcoming little abode. :)

Can you guess who my biggest fan is?! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tarsha. I wanted to wish you good luck on your tiny house and was wondering where you might be planning on building it. As I think you know Mindy and I had a house built a few years ago. We had the structure built for us but we did a lot of the interior with a lot of help from family and friends so I can say first hand it is a joyful thing to do the work and not have it done for you, and it feels more like home because of that. It also got me interested in the field of plumbing. Mindy's uncle Richie (Travis Oullette's dad)is a master plumber so I got to do all the plumbing with him and I loved it. I could talk to him and I know he would help me on your tiny house if you need the help. Again I would like to wish you good luck and to always keep your faith in God.

Randy Mercier

Christine said...

Tarsh you are an inspiration! Good for you girl! I look forward to following along.