Thursday, March 31, 2011

Once Upon a Time, Here's the Story, Dear God

Dear God,
Please take over writing my story for me. My plot thickens at the wrong time, my main characters fail me, half the time the cart is before the horse and I'm just not a good author. I'm slow God, please forgive me, but I think that You should actually be the main character?! This makes a lot of sense, so I'm going to (try REALLY hard) sit back and watch this story unfold as You write it. After all, You are the Author of Salvation and Creation. I must admit I really like the chapters I let you write before. You never disappoint and always fascinate. I also like that book about Your life, death and resurrection. I have been reading it a lot lately and learning more about Your love for me, how you served and sacrificed, and how You call us to do the same.

God please be patient with me as I hand over the pen, pencil, marker, crayon, the hidden colored pencil, highlighter, typewriter, laptop and any other writing utensil I use to co-author my story. Give me grace to grant myself when I fail and to bestow on others who will fail me.

Thank You God for these last few bad chapters when I had writers block and a cramped hand. Its funny, I kept feeling like I was between a rock and hard place. Now I understand I was just where You wanted me, in the palm of Your hand, which is quite cushy! :)

Here I am Lord, take my pen and send me!
In Jesus Name,

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