Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is LOVE ~Tia Tarsha and the Peruvian Princesses!

There are no words to describe how I fell in love with these precious girls. I loved them before I went, but once I met them it was like they were my own. It was all about seeing their smiles, hearing them say Tia Tarsha, and trying to talk to them in spanglish. We made do, thanks to Papi Ben who was translator for us. They love Justin Bieber so we listened to him and watched his videos on You Tube A LOT! I taught Julissa her English ABCs, which was so fun. I sang them to her and she chimed right in and wrote them down phonetically so she could remember. We did hair ("mas, mas, mas" = more straight Tia Tarsha!) shopped, and ate ice cream like it was going out of style! My Dad communicated his love and affection for the girls with ice cream and coins. He would buy them ice cream twice a day and then give them the left over change. The girls haven't had their own money, so this was so much fun. The counted it repeatedly and locked it up in the safe above their bed. They would bring their money shopping, but encouraged us to use ours instead! They are smart, sweet, stubborn and silly! They have personalities as big as Texas. They have style and schedules they like to keep. Julissa asked questions about los Estados Unidos and her bedroom there, when she would get done high school and go to college, but Johanna didn't really seem to care. Johanna says "sank you" instead of thank you in her little accent and its just about the cutest thing. It sure did make my Dad laugh and encouraged the coin giving, which worked well for both of them! Johanna also says sorry with rolling r's. She calls Julissa "Juli", which between her whine and pronunciation sounds like Jew-lee.

Friday night was hard to leave. I had two little girls giving me lots of hugs, tears and telling me "no bye." I told them I would see them at the airport in a week and that I would have big hugs for them. They told me they loved me (music to my ears) and they would miss me.

I came home Saturday night and I missed them. I wanted to be able to walk right on over to their room. This Sunday at 2pm they fly into Boston and I will meet them with big hugs! Tia Tarsha will be so very glad to have her sister, brother in law and Peruvian Princesses home as a forever family! I see many sleepovers in my future. Its a good thing I like kids :)

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