Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thinking of you (AGAIN AND AGAIN)

What are they calling you? Who is holding/comforting/loving/nurturing you while mommy does the paperwork and gets the clearances so she can get to you finally? What do you look like? Is your skin more caramel or chocolate? Is your hair nappy? Do you even have hair?

How old are you? What's your story? What has your journey been like so far? When will we meet? What have I missed?

I think these questions and imagine you. Sometimes your the little light brown baby on a new Facebook post from a baby home in Jinja. Sometimes your the dark skinned toddler on a poster I've seen for a baby product. I imagine you looking up at me with big brown eyes. I mention the color of your skin because it differs so from the pale skinned blond haired blue eyed baby boy I hold close, loving on and imaging I'm sharing some with you too Baby Girl!

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