Sunday, April 14, 2013

For Imani Ruth ~ Find You

Until I Find You

I'll create a halo for you in my thoughts

And write our story within my dreams 

I'll hold your hand with my hopes 

And embrace you with simply my shadow.

Together we will discover the world 
that lay at our feet
Everything is possible 

Problems are only lessons
And waking up is the best time of the day
Because a new day is a new opportunity

To laugh
To forgive
To grow
To smile
To love 

To walk barefoot on the grass 

To eat ice cream 

To play like its your job
To listen to our favorite music 

To learn from an older person 

To smell fresh baked apple pie

To drink a sunset 

To say a prayer
To thank our Heavenly Father for this amazing world He created for us! 

To praise Him for the adventure we call life

This is the world I want to explore with you 

A world where going to sleep means more than resting
But for now, sleeping is a new opportunity to dream 

To dream of the day that I find you 

To dream of the day that our family is complete

Because when I find you...
I'll create a halo for you with my kisses

And write your name upon my heart
I'll hold your hand within my hand
And embrace you with my whole being!

Anonymous ~ edited by your Mommy

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