Monday, July 22, 2013

Legal Guardian!

Apparently this order I've been speaking of to get the passport process started is THE legal guardianship order! I guess I misunderstood this, as my lawyers office has just referred to it as an order. So I now have custody!

It is another step in the process that can be checked off! :) Once we have passport in hand, we'll only be waiting for the written ruling to be completed by the judge so we can make an appointment at the embassy for Imani's visa.  If you would like to help us, there are two ways. You can pray that He moves papers and people here in Kampala, and/or you can call Senator Susan Collins office and inquire about the long wait for adopting families visa appointments at the US embassy in Uganda. We have heard there are only 4 appointments a week right now. We know there are several families here waiting for their written rulings to make an appointment, and the back log could create an extra long stay.

I'm trying to be patient and understanding that this process is what it is. My eagerness to come home is to create some sort of schedule with Imani before returning to work. I have 8 weeks off and at this rate, I'll return just in time to go back. I'd love to have at least 2 weeks to just be home with her. 

Here is the new checklist:
Blue Form at Embassy- CHECK

Medical appointment-CHECK

Court hearing- CHECK

Verbal ruling- CHECK

Legal Guardianship- CHECK

Passport process- APPLICATION IN 7/22/13

Written ruling- UNKNOWN

Visa appointment-UNKNOWN

Please pray!

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