Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Court Date

You'll get your day in court has a whole new meaning! I spent almost 9 hours there today and felt my first live earthquake, but I didn't get in front of the judge. My new court date is July 9. 

While this is disappointing and means many inconveniences and more time/money spent here in Uganda, and less time creating a schedule back home before I return to work, I am choosing JOY that we are here with this PRECIOUS child NOW! 

Imani is so AMAZING! This child is shy, kind, sweet, obedient, and beautiful!  For example, Girlfriend has been up since 6:30am. She sat for 2.5 hours after breakfast while her hair was fixed for court. Then she sat and played nicely in the waiting room with other families in and out, other children screaming, hitting, crying, and generally melting down around her for the next 9 hours!!! She shared her snacks, coloring book and crayons with others. She loved on me and giggled. :)  She listened to me reading books and copied my words! <---- BIG deal this is! She's starting to speak.  She utilized trash from the floor to make clothes for the figurines another child had abandoned! We traveled down the hall several times to the bathroom. Any excuse for Girlfriend to play in the water!

DISCLAIMER: I'm going to brag here! 

Imani picks up after herself. She puts things in their place when we come back to the room. She giggles/squeaks each time she unearths a new book/toy/sweet treat from my luggage or a new dress from the closet where I've placed her clothes. She'll look to me for assurance it's ok to take. Girlfriend LOVES (in no particular order) food, sassy clothing (dresses preferably) and the mirror! The clothing and mirror part accommodate each other quite well, but might not if the food part keeps up at this pace! Seriously she eats like its her job! She found the bows we made for her in the closet along with barrettes. Apparently she picked her favorite colors and a dress to match. If I could post the photos of her wearing ALL of the things she liked, you'd laugh :) 1 purple bow, 1 teal headband, 2 pink barrettes, a purple tye dye dress and her sunglasses (which slide down her little flat nose and she constantly has to scrunch it move them up. It's so cute to watch her liking all sassy and trying to accommodate that one accessory! I added her jean jacket for even extra flare! She stood in front of the mirror checking herself out and smiling!

Yesterday she cried. You know why?! I had put shorts on her. Girlfriend likes dresses people! She came back to the room when we returned from our errands and promptly removed the shorts, (took care of them of course) and put the tye dye dress on. She also nicely placed the pants I pulled out for today back in the closet as if to say "we won't be needing these friend!"

I watch her with a smile on my face. This is a theme. I am her audience and she is my favorite show :) Good thing too, because if my eyes aren't on my new little shadow/explorer... 
Someone rips open the I Spy card box to get the cards, 
Grabs the very colorful anti-diarrhea meds that are not packaged and smiles like she just hit the candy jackpot,
Opens yet another lollipop she's found in the cabinet (thanks Mom, these have been a huge hit),
Or tries to brush her teeth with my very expensive Mary Kay cleanser, because well, the container looks the same as her toothpaste and it was all in the bag together. (Note that I have since moved various things to a higher level, as in Danny's room upstairs!)

I do get excited about these events because it means shes feeling out her surroundings, taking charge in her new environment and she's remembering like things. 

My Imani Ruth is so much more than I could have imagined! As Johanna would say, she's perfect for me! :) 

I'm exhausted. Sleep and food have taken a backseat. I have black bags under my eyes that I assumed was mascara the first day and tried to wipe off, but have since dabbed on a bit of cover up. I didn't get a chance to brush my teeth yesterday and my child didn't brush hers until 9:30pm today. I have an audience when I pee. Everyone pees right?! I forget I'm on duty 24/7 and have to quickly take note of where my child is and what she's doing (sorry Mary Kay, but cleansing her teeth would have worked right?!). I offered someone else to use the bathroom first, forgetting its not just me who has to wait. When Girlfriend shows signs she has to "su su", it means NOW, as in she is already doing the pee dance. We tried to make her feel better about sitting for 2.5 hours this morning by giving her ice cream, at approximately 9am. It is not the first time a treat has been served at questionable time in relation to a meal. We eat dessert first here people. No judging!  I catch myself saying "Tarsha will do it" or "Tarsha can help". 
I share these MOMents with you because they are the little ways in which it is sinking in that I am indeed a Mom. A real, live, yourparentingthischildrightnow Mom. It's surreal. It's rewarding. It's what I was made to do! 

Dear God,
Your good. Your funny. You are AMAZING! I'm still not sure this is all really happening, but I'm so content in the moment right now I'm going to keep going with it. I'm not thinking about tomorrow, or finances, or logistics that are out of my control and nobody else's business. You are thinking about it all though because You've got this all planned out. You custom made this relationship in Your timing. Thank you for my girl! :)

In Jesus name,

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Ashley and Amy said...

Dearest Tarsha,
It sounds as though you are already a most wonderful mother. I enjoy following your adventures as you and the little one get to know each other each day. So very happy for you.
God Bless,