Thursday, July 4, 2013

Second times a charm?!

I went to the airport to depart for Africa once, but whether delayed us for 2 days, so I ended up 'departing' a second time.

I went to court once already, but the judge just couldn't see anymore cases after 8:15pm, so I will end up going a second time

I went to IOM today, but my appointment is actually tomorrow, so I will end up going a second time. 

It's funny and we are trying to make a joke of it. We just keep showing up early I guess. Or it's the thunderstorms, a tired judge, a mistake made by office staff. You see, I called and made the IOM appointed for Friday at 8am myself. They only see 4 year olds on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. I knew that because the special blue paper I needed to get from the embassy says that. But the girl at the office told me I needed to go on Thursday at 9am. I checked with her three times, and I even had her call back to double check! She wrote down Thursday at 9am and insisted I be there. I waited 1.5 hours and when my number was called, the nice man at the desk said I didn't have an appointment until tomorrow. I'm not going to lie, for a split second I wanted to throw a grown woman temper tantrum. But I quickly thought better of and was glad I didn't miss my 9am Thursday appointment by showing up Friday at 8am. 

What can you do right?! I've got this beautiful little blessing who I will do anything for, a second time! :)

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