Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Awww, you look cute!"

I came out of my room with a scarf on (because I was FREEZING cold) and apparently I looked cute, so Matt told me so! Nothing like a 4 year old boy telling you that you look cute to make you smile and feel like a million bucks :)
We went to the grocery store and Matt got to 'drive' the cart with the car in front. Not really efficient for a quick shop, but he enjoyed it. I got some groceries for dinner, which he did not enjoy!! I told Matthew I was going to make Taco Soup for dinner on the way to the grocery store before lunch, (BIG MISTAKE) because this just gave him all afternoon- 5 hours- to tell me he wasn't going to eat it. He kept saying that he wasn't hungry and that he wasn't going to eat soup. He held out and wouldn't try it. He ended up throwing a fit and ultimately wearing himself out. He asked me to put him to bed at 6pm.

This gave me a couple hours of QT with Super Star Student of the week Aliya - who finally let me braid her hair for class picture day! We played games (about 100 of them) all evening, alternating who went first. She wasn't so diplomatic with the rules though. When I'd ask, or rather call her on changing them midstream, she'd look at me like I had two heads and say "I don't know, read the directions in the box." She totally kicked my butt in Trouble, even joking like it does on the box that I was having trouble in the bubble. BTW, I am completely OK with a 6 year old beating me at a board game. :) Then I read to her. She chose The Berenstain Bears, an absolute favorite of mine from childhood! I use to watch the cartoon sometimes and have the books. I always enjoyed the bears. I discovered that since way back when, Momma and Papa Bears made another little bear -and named her Honey. Gotta love new babies! :) I put Aliya to bed at 8pm and that concluded my 12.5 hour day. I tried to watch the debate but I fell asleep before it came on.

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