Monday, October 13, 2008

From the Fair to Church

I had a busy and wonderful weekend! I went to the Topsfield Fair on Friday night to see Lonestar with Tracy and Ben. I didn't really see the show (I heard some of it) but I got a beautiful hand knit sweater at one of the little tents for $35! I was tickled pink! We got fair food - fried dough, German fries (Ben said they weren't German at all...) cotton candy, candy apple and chocolate covered pineapple and bananas. YUMMY! The leftover treats turned into a wonderful fruit breakfast for me on Saturday morning! Candy apples and chocolate covered bananas and pineapples count as fruit you know! I recommend starting your day like this sometime too. :) My Mother came down to Beverly, MA for a visit with her two nanny daughters. Tracy and Ben gave us a tour of their new neighborhood/Ben's school and we stopped at a cute little candy store. I got more healthy fruit and nuts - more chocolate covered pineapple and caramel chocolate covered pistachios. :) Then we girls did what we girls do best, dropped the boy off and headed for the mall! He rejoined us for a dinner at Cheesecake Factory and it capped off a wonderful and fun filled visit. Thanks for coming Mom and thanks for dinner Ben and Tracy!
I proceeded to my friend Kim's house in Newton, MA. Kim works in the Prudential building at a dentist office as a dental hygienist. We got all dolled up and went out for a night on the town. We started at Top of the Hub (the restaurant at the top of the Prudential building) overlooking Boston. Then we headed to Croma's, a little restaurant Kim frequents on Newbury Street. From there, it was Cask'n Flagon's, a bar right next to Fenway (I was thisclose to the Citgo sign.) We watched the disappointing loss until 2:30am, but I met some of Kim's friends and had a grand time.
Sunday morning came quickly and we headed to church at Grace Chapel in Lexington. I thoroughly enjoyed the message. They are doing a series on the fruit of the spirit.
Galatians 5:22-23
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.
I love this scripture and had heard it most recently at another church I visited. They are going one by one through each fruit. This weeks topic was both kindness and goodness, because they are so similar. (Apparently, I was one week late for the message on patience. Its unforunate because this is a real weakness of mine.) They had local artists create a piece on each fruit, depicting the essence of it and then they reveal it each week. I loved the message, the art, and my time at Grace Chapel. Then Kim and I were off to do what girls do best, SHOP! I got some great sassy and warm clothing (I needed warm clothes) at TJMAXX. We also headed to IKEA. It was Kim's idea and I thought it was a great one, you know, so I could scope it out before my big adventure there with Matthew and Aliya! They do indeed have a play place that looked very cool!! The store was AMAZING and I decided that someday, when I fulfill Matthew's wishes for me of having a husband and children, I will register at IKEA for gifts to decorate my home and baby room. I know, I'm a wee bit crazy, but I can plan ahead right?! And DREAM :)

Dear God,
Thank you for my family and my friends. I am so very blessed to have such caring and compassionate people in my life. Thank you for my opportunities and my obstacles. I know only you can turn those obstacles into opportunities later. Thank you for my great job with a wonderful family. After one month here, you know my heart God, and I know you have a plan. This move was great for me. I am excited for what you have to teach me about myself - being far from most of my people and single for the first time in a LONG time. Please grant me patience along with your plan Lord, because you know I do everything fast and patience is not one of my virtues. Please be with my friends and family and keep them safe. Please let the children I love in Maine know that I still love them just as much and miss them greatly. Please help me be a living example of the fruit of the spirit, showing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control in my daily interactions. With special emphasis on patience Lord!
In Jesus Name,

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