Thursday, November 20, 2008

5am Part II

I went to Maine for a Job Fair (class project) on Tuesday night and then had regular class Wednesday night. I always jump at the chance to spend a few minutes with the ones I love, so I went to Tanya's house ASAP after the job fair ended. I found Drew waiting for me in the window. He was at the door by the time I got to it and I got some much needed LOVE!! He was chatting up a storm and checking out what I brought. I had some candy from the Job Fair and I couldn't say no! This is the difference between the children I nanny for and those little cherubs back in Maine. I can give them candy and gum, because that is part of my job as an Aunt, especially one who lives away now! :) We spent some time together and then I opted for an early bedtime, knowing what the Smith household is like BRIGHT and EARLY. My babies didn't let me down either. I woke at 5:30am, which is practically sleeping in for their house, but early for me none the less. I had two children all over me with lots to say. We ate breakfast, colored pictures and had our showers. Then I took Hannah and Drew to breakfast with Papa (my Dad). Turns out there was some construction next door and Drew spent the entire time standing in the window watching a bucket loader and dump truck clear a space. This couldn't have been planned any better. Hannah tried one bite of her pancakes and said with a puckered up nose, "These are not like my mothers." Did I make her eat them? No, of course not! This is another job an Aunt from away gets to do, throw some of the rules out the window. I ate them and shut my mouth! :)
Then as we left, Papa and I used all of our quarters to buy the kids a ball, sport stickers (after all it was Team Spirit day at school) and gum from the machines! Yes, a big gumball from the gumball machine at 8am! It was great! I laughed right out loud when I loaded these children into the car to deliver them to daycare and school with gum in their mouths! I cannot do this with the children I nanny for and I so enjoy doing them for my very special niece and nephew. I didn't get to see my 2 other special nephews, but I do get next Friday with them!

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What I think... said...

It was nice seeing you Tarsh! Looking forward to seeing you more over Thanksgiving! Love you! :)